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Make H2O your friend this summer

Gozone Water are the new boys on the block. Distributing purified remineralised ozonised water right here in the Lowveld. With a 5-stage pre filtration system, water is stripped down to its natural state. This process removes all impurities and is much safer than using chlorine. Gozone also reintroduces certain salts to create a balance of electrolytes in the body. 100% hydration. Win a case of Gozone Water and feel the effects yourself.

WIN Email your contact details to and put “Gozone” in the subject box. Closing date is September 31, 2019. Ts & Cs apply.

A taste of the coast

The winemakers at Spier Wine Farm have spent the last two years developing a unique duo of wines that pay homage to the benefits of growing grapes along the coast. The aptly titled Seaward range is comprised of a sophisticated, lightly-wooded Chardonnay – lightly-wooded, the wine has aromas of ruby grapefruit, mango, citrus with undertones of raw almonds with a creamy palate. The spicy Shiraz showcases aromas of mulberry, violets and plum supported by infused allspice. The palate has richness with good length. Cellar Master Frans Smit says,  “There is a purity of fruit in these wines, with great concentration, balance and finesse. “The common thread is a saline minerality, given the proximity to the ocean.” Avaulable from the Spier Wine shop and local liquor stores.

Now you can taste these wines for yourself. WIN a case of “Seaward” wine. Email your contact details to and put “Seaward” in the subject box. Closing date is September 31, 2019. Ts & Cs apply.

Collectible Toys are hot, hot hot!

Collectible toys are all the rage and have been for quite some time.
Children love collecting – there’s something about having, keeping and swapping objects that are all similar and watching a collection grow. Like marbles and yoyos for generations passed, there is something profoundly satisfying about buying new toys, even if its to trade them with friends on the playground.

It’s heartening that the digital age hasn’t erased a love of goodies we can sort, swap, squeeze or just show off. It’s a perennial need. Most households boast an assortment of collectibles, from stuffed animals, dolls and trading cards to posters, memorabilia and vintage goodies, which suggests it’s not something we grow out of as adults. Chiquita Patrizi, spokesperson for Prima Toys, says there are a number of reasons why collectible toys are so popular. “They are relatively inexpensive, which is important in an economic downturn. This means children can spend their pocket money on them and don’t have to rely on their parents to buy them. In addition, collectibles take trends into account and are undeniably ‘cool’. They also have social currency, so children enjoy them because they can trade, swap, share or gift them.”

They also have the cute factor and are healthier than sweet treats. Beyond the ‘must have’ appeal, they teach children social skills like negotiation and trade. Collecting also helps kids learn how to organise. Collectible toys also feed into a very important developmental phase for children – traditional play. While older children may be pushing toys aside in favour of devices, younger children who use technology are still more likely to request playtime with toys. So what’s out there? L.O.L.’s have become a phenomenon and the new range is already highly sought-after. Other girl’s collectibles include Shopkins Lil Secrets, Disney Doorables, Mini Boos, Pikmi Pops and Poopsie Slime. For boys, there is an awesome range of 5cm high Fortnite Battle Royale micro-collectibles, Treasure X, Pokemon and Mighty Beanz. Prima Toys collectibles are available from local toy stores.

WIN a hamper of Prima collectibles. To enter email your contact details to and put “Prima” in the subject box. Closing date is September 31, 2019. Ts & Cs apply.

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